Amber Whiff e-pipe

  • Founder: SOLD
  • Price: €488

The Amber Whiff e-pipe is made out of nice piece of 3000 years old morta wood. It has landed in my hands few months ago and I’ve decided to build at least three e-pipes out of it. The first one cracked during the shaping process. I wasn’t really keen to start working on a next one. Some time passed away and I gave it another try. The Amber Whiff e-pipe came out really good. This classic billiard shaped e-pipe naturally in a black morta wood color looks best with brushed surface. And the amber stem, first time used in my workshop, suits it also very well. I’ve chosen a piece of cherry wood for a fire button and black clone of KHW Mods Dvarw MTL atomizer with 2ml capacity. I would love to use the original Dvarw but there wasn’t any in a black color. In my opinion is a must in this case. The tank is accented with stainless steel ring.