Diplomatico e-pipe

  • Founder: SOLD
  • Price: €483

I’ve commissioned the Diplomatico e-pipe for a client who was in search for a classic looking bend pipe mod. The the only material that came into my mind was of course briar with nice dark red stain on it. The grain on this little piece of wood seemed more beautiful the closer I got to the final shape during the sanding process. After I’ve finished the contrast staining I knew it will be my best match between the shape of the pipe and the material I’ve used on it. It looks amazing together with MTL dripping tank Berserker 2 and the black acrylic combination stem. Because of the desired shape I couldn’t use any other power supply than 18350 Li-ion battery. However Diplomatico e-pipe with coil build above 1 ohm preforms quite well even with a smaller cell.