Morta Mariasch e-pipe

  • Founder: SOLD
  • Price: €492

The Morta Mariasch e-pipe is, just like my previous pipe mod, made out of 3000 year old morta wood also called bog oak. This particular one is the last that came out of log I had in my workshop. I have to say that I like this kind of material. It’s definitely not the last time I’ve used it for an e-pipe. The Morta Mariasch e-pipe has naturally black bowl and is shaped in poker style  from a sitter family. The surface is brushed to bring out oaks distinctive woodgrain. I have used an Algerian briar for a fire button which is in nice contrast to bowl. The shank is accented with stainless steel ring. The tank KHW Mods Dvarw MTL clone and Amber stem I’ve used for this pipe mod are the same as on my previous one. I can’t help my self but the amber color really match with the dark wood to me. This mechano e-pipe is powered by one 18350 Li-ion battery.