@Max from Germany

“Today I received the PiratePal and I cant tell you, how glad I am. Unboxing it Was my first pleasure, it looks even more beautiful than on the pictures and moreover it smells like heaven. But as I finally prepared it and had the first try vaping, I lost any fun, using other pipes. The work you have made, cant be described with the word perfect, its more than this. I will be your customer again in near future! Thank you very very much for the Best e-pipe on earth (and I’ve tested a lot of them).”

@John from USA

“The quality of your pipe is so far beyond the others I have.”

@Tom from Italy

“Everything arrived, I must say that the pipe is beautiful !! You have made a true work of art!”

@Lars from Sweden

“My new Moonshine Brandy e-pipe from 3po5 pipes made in Briar arrived yesterday. Beautiful work!”

@Adrew from UK

“You should really stamp your pipes. You are an artist and craftsman. In a few months I will have another pipe commission for you.”

@Tom from Italy

“As always a true masterpiece! Compliments.”

@Adrew from UK

Outstanding work. The pipes arrived safely today and I am over the moon with them both. Beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you so much.”