My name is Jozef, but everybody call’s me Epos. That’s where the silly name for my site came from. Epos was already occupied therefore 3po5.

I have switched from pipe smoking to vaping few years ago. In that time I’ve faced some serious difficulties in founding acceptable vaping device. The common tube and box shaped gizmos felt somehow strange to me comparing to my old wooden pipes. Yes, there were some pipe shaped things made out of genuine plastic, but it didn’t felt in a hand the same way as the classic wooden pipes did.

I came with an idea to build a e-pipe for me by my self. It was long way full of trials and errors, but after a year of struggling I’ve finally made something I was willing to spend some relaxing coffee time with. The one e-pipe wasn’t of course enough for me. So I build next, and next, and in some time I’ve realized that pipe making is really addictive hobby. At least as addictive as pipe collecting 😀 There is always some quality piece of wood I can hand craft into a nice premium pipe mod and there is almost infinite number of interesting designs that can be shaped to.

There is always something new to try.

I’ve created this place to show and offer my creations to everyone who moved from pipe smoking to vaping, or plan to do so, or is just interested in e-pipes. Are you looking for unique hand crafted wooden pipe shaped vaping device? Pleas feel free to check my work.