Ash Billiard Sunset e-pipe

  • Founder: ON STOCK
  • Price: €285

Ashen Billiard Sunset e-pipe is one of my small batch produced straight billiards. I handcrafted this mods in small batches from 3 to 6 pieces. One at time but some steps are done on all pipes together and that leads to shorter production time. This small batch was also the first that was published on my new e-shop: that I have created to make it easier for you to obtain my pipes. The Ashen Billiard Sunset e-pipe was handcrafted out of Ashen wood and stained to orange color. To complement the design, I have fashioned a straight saddle-shaped stem using black acrylic. The Ashen Billiard Sunset e-pipe is powered by a single 18350 Li-ion cell.